Waterstones St. Albans Launch Japanese Daisy Chain - Thursday 22nd May, 7.30pm

Launch Night for my second novel from Elsewhen Press, 'Japanese Daisy Chain', will be tomorrow evening at Waterstones St. Albans, 7.30pm, Thursday 22nd May.

Drinks and nibbles, parking free in town multi-storey. Please come if you can, I'll be reading one of the shorter stories. If you can make it I hope to see you there. Should be fun!
Japanese Daisy Chain takes us on a very individualistic journey around contemporary Japan through the eyes of the participants in a series of apparently unrelated incidents. Events that, to an outsider may seem a little strange or hard to explain, but to which we are given an exclusive insight – enabling us to see the consequence of contact with the paranormal, fantastic or downright weird. As each episode unfurls and our journey progresses, we alone can see the invisible thread that connects these events, albeit tenuously. A participant on each occasion, a minor character if you will, becomes the main protagonist in the next, creating a human daisy-chain. Just like a daisy-chain, what goes around comes around. The chain is completed and we finally understand karma…


New sci-fi novel 'The Black Hole Bar' to be published by Elsewhen later this year

My new novel, 'The Black Hole Bar', is due to be published in e-book and paperback by Elsewhen Press later this year. Set in the year 2085 its about a Methane Gas company PR man called Simon who stumbles into a writers' group meeting in the aforementioned Black Hole Bar on level five of Docklands Spaceport on the fringes of the dirty bomb ruined city of London. He's a part-time writer as well and persuades them to let him join in with their monthly competition to win the much coveted Black Hole 'Rock' first prize. Simon's on his way to Titan, work not pleasure, and as the competition continues and more stories are told, including his own, he's split between staying until its conclusion or catching his flight; and the presence of an enigmatically beautiful girl called Dani isn't' helping him to reach a decision that could change the rest of his life. Here's the link to Elsewhen's press release:


Authorcon UK: Saturday 26th April at MadLab

I'll be making the trek up to Manchester on Saturday 26th April for Authorcon UK at the MadLab, 36-40 Edge Street. This is a convention largely for self-published authors or small presses but as two of my fellow Elsewhen authors have novels in the finals of the Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards ('Bookworm' by Christopher Nuttall and 'Arteess: Conflict' by James Starling) I thought I'd go along and support them. It should be fun; I'll also be having a good chat with my publishers Peter and Alison Buck of Elsewhen Press, and may be able to pick up the first printed copies of my second novel 'Japanese Daisy Chain' (out in paperback on May 12th) if the printers have gotten a move on.
Anyway, it'll be a fab day out with some pretty nice people. Link to the event's site:


'Six Loners' short stories published on Amazon Kindle

My short collection of six stories seen from the famous protagonist's point of view 'Six Loners' is now live on Amazon Kindle. I feel these subjects are all 'loners' in one way or another, and was interested in what their personal view of well known events concerning their lives might be, as opposed to the public's general perception of what might have happened. Needless to say, I actually admire all six of these individuals greatly for various different reasons but collectively for having the guts to remain true to themselves under the most immense of pressures.
(Note: some of these stories have already been published with different titles in my 'Girl in a Shoebox collection but this is the whole set gathered in one place)


Jacey's Kingdom Talk at Hertford Writers' Circle Wednesday 13th November

I shall be giving a talk to Hertford Writers' Circle about my new YA-crossover fantasy novel Jacey's Kingdom next Wednesday 13th November starting at 8.00pm. The venue will be The White Horse, Castle Street, Hertford SG14 1HH.
I'll be reading some extracts from the novel and my essay regarding the nameless fantasy genre I feel the book 'belongs' to; 'I'm Here But I'm Really There...'
Hopefully all will enjoy, looking forward to it.


Book Signing for 'Jacey's Kingdom' at Waterstones St. Albans - Saturday June 29th

I will be signing (and hopefully selling) copies of my new young adult fantasy novel 'Jacey's Kingdom' from 10.00 am onwards at Waterstones St. Albans this Saturday, June 29th. The store is holding a children's fun day and other events so please come along and see me if you're in the neighborhood. Looking forward to seeing you there.


'Ha-Bloody-Ha' Video Posted On YouTube

My latest attempt at video promotion, this time for my new collection of parodies 'Ha-Bloody-Ha', has just been posted on YouTube. Please have a shufti, and if you really must and after careful consideration of the effects on your sanity, download a copy. Or just have a titter at the video. Cheers!
And here's the link to the book: